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Spot Removal

We have all encountered some kind of spot that was a challenge to clean. To effectively clean anything you must first know your spot.

What makes up the spot? Is it an organic substance that could be affected by heat or cold? Is it an oil-based substance that needs to be absorbed as it is cleaned so it doesn't bleed into a larger one? Once you know what you are dealing with you can neutralize a spot, preventing it from becoming a stain by determining the relative PH of the substance which will determine if it is best removed by an alkaline, acidic, or neutral cleaner.

*Blueberries are organic, not oily, and are alkaline. They are best cleaned with an acidic type of cleaner.

Where is the spot located? Is the spot on top of a surface (in which case it can be removed with friction), or has it penetrated the surface (needing to be extracted)? Then you should consider if the surface is porous or impermeable. Will the surface tolerate the type of cleaner best used to lift the spot? Could heat or cold assist in releasing the spot? Or will a manual removal be needed using something our grandparents would have called "elbow grease"?

*Wood can be either porous, or if properly sealed, it can be impermeable. Examine the spot well to see if it is set into the wood before determining how to remove it.

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